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Goddesses of South Florida Photo Exhibit

  • James Rutherford Community Center 2000 West Yamato Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33431 USA (map)

Goddesses of South Florida Photography Exhibit Celebrates Strong Women in Our Community

April 1 - 30, 2018 in James Rutherford Community Center, 2000 W. Yamato Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33431



Boca Raton, FL: Local photographer and artist Francesca Bliss will be displaying her inspirational and empowering series Goddesses of South Florida in a photography exhibit at the James Rutherford Community Center in Boca Raton, Florida for the month of April. In the Goddesses of South Florida, the artist exhibits photographs of strong women, leaders in their community, who inspire and empower others. These women range from traditional teachers, spiritual educators and yoga instructors, to realtors, physicians, healers, life coaches, singers, dancers, writers, and students.

Through the Goddess Photoshoot process, the unique attributes of each woman are highlighted; they are old and young, thin and curvy, with light and dark complexion, of different ethnic backgrounds and of different faiths. What is revealed in this enchanting photography is the women’s strength, grace, and connection to the infinite source of creativity and wisdom.

The photoshoots took place in the beautiful wild spaces of Palm Beach County, as well as familiar urban outdoor locations. Some of the women chose to embody a specific Goddess from mythology and use the symbols and herstory of the Goddess to inspire their dress and movement. Other subjects chose to sync with nature and allow the energy of the natural space to lead the shoot.

There will be 20 photographs on exhibit. Each was chosen for their radiant embodiment of the divine feminine and the example of how strength, grace, and beauty are revealed in different ways. Francesca Bliss’ goal for these shoots is to hold the sacred space for women to unfold their natural beauty, unearthing the Goddess within.

Francesca Bliss explains her vision:

“Being a goddess simply means standing strong in your own power.  When you are in touch with the power inside of you, you can see it coming out in many ways: You are confident in your own beauty and see beauty in others. Creativity flows through you, and you want to inspire others. You care for your spirit and your body both, as they are tied to each other. You respect your own boundaries and expect others to respect them too. You devote time to self care because you understand the importance of nourishing yourself before you can nourish others - your family, friends, clients, community.

Fully realizing these strengths is a work in progress for all, but the more inwardly connected you become the more brightly these elements shine.  The photo experience is for anyone who wishes to bring out what lies within them, and never forget it.

The women who have worked with Francesca Bliss confirm that the photoshoot and the opportunity to connect to Goddess as empowerment is transformational:

I truly fell in love with myself for the first time in my life when I saw the photos from my Goddess Photoshoot. I can’t stop looking at the photos and I keep saying to myself, “Wow I want to be her, this beautiful, powerful, magical girl... Wait... I am her!” It was such a pleasure working with you and you created a miracle for me that no one has been ever able to capture. My true essence. Thank you for the kind words you said in your blog. I had no idea you saw me that way. And it feels good to know I exude that energy outwards. I get to finally see it also because of you. Don’t ever stop your work. It is truly magical.
— Jennifer Nicole after receiving her photos

Read the full story of Jennifer Nicole's Goddess Photoshoot here.

Francesca Bliss invites you to visit the exhibit, share your thoughts, and contact her to reveal the source of feminine empowerment within you!

About the artist: Francesca Bliss is a self-taught Boca Raton photographer who specializes in Goddess Photoshoot, yoga photography, modern headshots for spiritual entrepreneurs, high school senior portraits and couples photography. While overcoming her own self-imposed limitations and embracing self-love, Francesca Bliss realized that many women are going through a similar process. In order to help women see how beautiful and powerful they are, she came up with the idea of Goddess Photoshoot - a unique photographic experience that allows women to step into their goddess power, connect to their higher self and the source of infinite wisdom and creativity. Women have reported the photoshoot to be a transformational experience.