fascination with hats

I have always been drawn to hats and lately had a chance to photograph many women wearing them. There is something about hats that just transforms you into an elegant classy lady or a playful sassy girl. My friend Claire (in the first two portraits) has tons of hats, from fancy to cowboy and beach hats, and after our photo shoot she said that she might transform her style and start wearing hats all the time and become known as That Lady Who Always Wears Hats. Why not? And the Russian beauties in the third and fourth portrait brought their hats to the shoot and felt so liberated by being able to wear them in a judge-free zone of public opinion. How feminine and sultry they look! Here is to ladies wearing hats and to looking fabulous! 

Take a look at my HATS board on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/bliss4373/hats/

Which hat reflects your style? Or which hat would you want to wear for your dream photo shoot? Tell me in the comments!