what senior photoshoot type is right for you based on your personality?

written by Ale Zamora


Ah, senior year. It’s perhaps the most momentous, transformative, and, quite frankly, the longest year in a young adult’s life. Everything leading up to this stage of life has molded these young students into who they are, from leaders to individuals and workers to athletes. It’s a time in which accomplishments are celebrated, the good times are remembered, and the future shines brightly ahead. To live in an era where moments like these can be captured is truly a beautiful thing, especially through the art of photography. That’s why taking the time to shoot senior portraits and personality sessions should be on the to-do list of every current or rising senior. Everything is up to you during these photoshoots, and while these can be great and fun ways to express your creativity, the great flexibility you have to make it your own can be overwhelming sometimes. That’s why we’ve put together theme ideas based on your personality to ensure you have the best, most true-to-yourself senior photoshoot ever.


The Athletic Type


If you’ve lived and breathed sports all your life, don’t be afraid to bring some of your gear to a shoot! Incorporating this huge piece of your life in photographs is a must in order to capture your true essence on camera. Here are some great gameplays:

  • Bring your own gear, including school team and club uniforms, basic playing equipment, etc.

  • Wear jerseys from your favorite sports teams, whether they’re professional or college teams. BONUS- if you’re a student who’s committed to a university for a sport, bring their merchandise for a great highlight of this accomplishment!

  • Bring a friend, coach, or even a family member to the location where you play for some shots of you in action.


The Creative Type


Expressing one’s creativity can come from a multitude of art forms, from painting to acting to cooking to designing. Be sure to showcase this side of you in your photoshoot, for your art may inspire others alike! Here are some ideas that can paint a clear picture of who you are:

  • Show off your work! If you’re a painter, bring along some of your work to be photographed beside it. If you’re fashion-forward, put together a lookbook that showcases your favorite pieces.

  • Find a colorful and lively location that matches what you love to do, like the stage of where you acted in your first play, or in front of a mural that inspired you.

  • Don’t be afraid to get messy, especially if you paint or sculpt! If you love to paint, bring one of your messy, paint-covered smocks, or, if you love to all things beauty, bring makeup to demonstrate the process in which you bring a makeup look to life.


The Career-Focused Type


Highlight your future aspirations or whatever your dreams are in this photoshoot idea.  Not only can you share your goals with others, but you can feel professional and empowered yourself! Here are some ideas to get your gears running:

  • Dress to impress! If your future vocation can be recognized easily through outfits or props, bring them! If you aspire to be a writer or journalist, take a few photos of you typing at a computer, or bring along some of your favorite print publications to pose with. If you’re enlisting in the army, stand tall and proud with your uniform and any other patriotic gear.

  • Show off where and what you’ll be studying! Similar to the sports idea, bring and wear merchandise from the university you’ll be attending, and even bring a poster with a message, like “Florida State University, Class of 2022- Future Nurse!”

  • Take some professional headshots or other photos and use them to get you started in the work world! Use your professional, career-focused photos as your LinkedIn or other social platform’s profile picture to get your name and face out there!


The Social Type


Family and friends play a huge role in any young adult’s life, from being there through the tough times to laughing about the good times. Why not include them in your photoshoot? Here are some ideas to incorporate your loved ones:

  • Bring your family along! While still keeping yourself at the center of your senior photoshoot, take a few shots with your family laughing together or doing an activity.

  • A best friend or significant other can bring out the best in you in a relationship, and they can do the same in a photoshoot! Celebrate your love and friendship by taking some candids together.


The Culture Type


To some, culture represents one’s heritage, something that’s influenced your life greatly. To others, culture represents your environment, including right here in Florida. Use this theme of culture to liven up your senior photoshoot:

  • Highlight your culture by being photographed with items that represent your ancestral country! Bring your country’s flag, cultural clothing, recognizable food items, or apparel from the famous home sports team.

  • Use the surroundings you have right in your backyard! Florida is full of life, from its cities to its beaches to its grassy nature areas. Pick your favorite location from your home state and make it a background for your senior photoshoots! It will help you remember your home if you go away for college, and show others the beauty in the place you live.

Want to talk about what kind of photos will best portray your personality and record this momentous time of your life? Contact me today and let's start the conversation!