In college, you would have found me shelling out my last pocket change on fashion magazines.  Ignoring the reading, I pored over the photographs, absorbing them.  They were beautiful to me, magnetic.  I couldn’t figure out why.  (Maybe you’ve had that same experience when you first encountered what you love to do.)

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As I began photographing friends, their eyes sparkled.  Women and men I photographed began telling me that they made discoveries about themselves - they started seeing themselves differently, started loving themselves more. 

This meant something to me, because self-love is the basis for everything I believe.  When you love yourself, you treat your body with love - you feed it well, exercise it, let it rest, cherish it.  You take care of your emotions and mental state, surround yourself with people and experiences that support your growth and happiness.  And this love for yourself gets reflected in how you treat other people.  I knew this work was for me when I saw I could help people love themselves more.

Photography has been a part of my spiritual journey.  Photography is a spiritual path in itself because as I’m in the flow of working, I feel as though things are not created by me but through me.  It’s almost a meditative state, except that it involves another person.  I learn from my clients, when I photograph them I can feel their energy and there’s a connection, a dance between us.  It’s not just me photographing them, it’s both of us working together.  It gives me a type of natural ‘high’ - when I come home, I feel like I just ran a marathon. 

My work brings out elements of people they have never seen in photos before.  It’s deeply satisfying to make images that meet immediate needs and also change, a bit unexpectedly, how that person sees themselves. 

I would love to dance with you.