Session offerings

Every photoshoot includes an in depth in-person or telephone consultation prior to your photoshoot, travel to and from the location, my undivided care and expertise during the photoshoot, and a specified number of professionally retouched final high resolution images that will be delivered electronically within one week from the date of the photoshoot.

Here are the photography packages that I currently offer.

Goddess Photoshoot


A Goddess Photoshoot lets you see things about yourself you’ve never been shown. Designed not just as a photoshoot, but a chance for personal transformation; one that lets you start admiring yourself again. Many women look at themselves and only see “the work that remains” - the things you want to change or wish were already different.  A Goddess Photoshoot is my way of holding up a new mirror so you can both see and awaken the vast resources and divinity already inside.

This two-hour photoshoot is usually done in nature, allows for 2-3 outfit changes and results in 20 stunning final images. In addition digital files, you will also receive 10 prints with the best images from your Goddess Photoshoot. Professional services of a makeup artist and/or stylist are available at additional cost.

For more information about Goddess Photoshoot, click here.

Yoga Photography


Whether you are a full-time yoga instructor who needs professional photos to promote your classes and engaging visual content for your social media, or if you are a yoga enthusiast for whom yoga is a way of life, with the Yoga Photography package you can create stunning photos that will inspire others and will celebrate how far you have come in your practice.

A two-hour photoshoot at location of your choosing (in a yoga studio or in nature) with 2 outfit changes will result in 20 final images. You also have an option of having a three-minute video create for you ($949 total).

For more information about Yoga Photography, click here.

Personal Branding for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Artists, and other creatives

$1,149 - 1,499

If you are an entrepreneur, especially a creative one - a musician, artist, writer, dancer - or if your specialty is spirituality - you are your own brand and your online images are the reflection of your shining light that many of your clients see before they have a chance to meet you. Together we will create powerful images that tell your story and show clients what it is like to work with you. These images will prove priceless not only on your website, but also in your social media campaigns, newsletters and promotions.

A carefully planned photoshoot focusing on two or three different stories will result in 40 - 60 final images to boost your personal brand.

For more information about Personal Branding Photography, click here. Services of a professional makeup artist and/or stylist are available for an additional fee.


Artistic Nude photography


Fine art nude photography is a form of art that admires the beauty of human form and focuses on the emotional impact of the final image. Having yourself photographed nude is a very liberating experience for both men and women, it allows you to accept, admire, and love yourself more. For those who are already naturists and prefer to not hide behind clothing, a nude photoshoot is another way of proclaiming your beliefs. The images we create together can be as revealing and vulnerable as you wish them to be, or they can be implied nude photographs, or where your identity is concealed.

A two-hour photoshot indoors or in nature will result in 20 final professionally retouched images. You will also receive 10 prints ready to be hanged in 11 x 14 frames and will have an option of purchasing a large wall art print (metal, canvas, wood, acrylic). For more information about Artistic Nude Photography, click here.

Spiritual Event Photography and Videography

starting at $599

Capturing the magic and intimacy of a spiritual event is something that I have done on several occasions and would love to work with you! I have had the pleasure of photographing at the East Coast Tantra Festival, Marry Yourself Wedding Ceremony, Kakao Ceremony, Moon circles, and have created videos for dancers, entrepreneurs, as well as event coverage and promotional videos. You can see examples of videos I created here. Please contact me for pricing and availability and to discuss your needs.


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