Photographs that show how you love each other.

You want photos of you with your beloved.  But when you look around, you seem to see the same types of images over and over, just with different people in them.  The same kinds of outfits, in the same kinds of parks, with the same kinds of poses.  You want something different, even if you can’t articulate yet what that is.  You see what’s out there and feel both pulled to the idea of couple images but pushed away from the style you see, that isn’t really “you.”

I photograph couples who want romance, but want to see theirs in their own way.  They might be candid images from a dinner date.  Meditating or hiking together.  Artfully celebrating a contrasts in personal styles (maybe you’re refined and dressed up but he lives in torn jeans and tanks.)  Recreating the spirit of an image you saw once in a magazine that resonated with you. 

Here are three examples of the kind of work I do:


Karen and Aaron

wanted a casual photo session on the beach in Boca Raton. It surprised them how natural they felt during the photoshoot.

During the photoshoot Francesca gave us suggestions on what to do and how to pose and we felt comfortable. We love our photos because they accurately show our relationship and we will cherish them forever.

Elia and Kerem

wanted an in-studio photoshoot during which they could create images similar to those of a celebrity couple from a Vogue magazine. 

When posing for the imitation of high-fashion photos that we wanted to create we felt like supermodels and couldn’t stop laughing. We also have traditional portraits from the photoshoot that we can show to our parents.

Kalynn and Jeremy

who wanted to show their passion fro each other through their love for dance and a flair for theater.

The whole photoshoot experience was like a very romantic date with my husband, during which we got to dance and act and play in front of camera. The photos are special to us because they show our mutual love of dance and show that we like unordinary things.


 How It Works:



1. Have a conversation.

Over the phone or in person, I’ll get to know you.  I’ll ask some open-ended questions about your relationship, and listen to what you love to do together, what excites you.  I’ll take special note of anything that brings fresh energy to your voice, because that tells us what we need to do.  Together, we’ll find an idea and a location that will show how you love each other.




2. Enjoy your photoshoot. 

We will meet up, laugh and chat together a bit, and begin.  After just a few minutes, you’ll find that any initial jitters will dissipate.  Pretty soon you’ll be done thinking about the camera and turn your attention to your love and the fun things you’re doing.  I’ll guide you enough that you don’t feel lost, but without overdirecting.  The results will feel naturally flattering to both of you.




3.  Receive your images.

Approximately one business week after your shoot, you’ll receive an instant download link for your digital files.  They will be perfectly sized for the web sharing or printing needs we discussed, preserving flexibility for future use.




I offer one simple, all-inclusive package.  A single fee covers our initial consult, your photoshoot, my travel to and from your location, and professional editing and delivery of your images.  You will receive digital delivery of 30 images within 5 business days of your session.  The total cost is $650, and this includes a complimentary $150 print credit should you wish to order prints from my professional lab.