Japanese-inspired photoshoot

It all started with an idea to just get out and do a little photo shoot. Where? Morikami Park, since I had never been there. The ambiance should have been enough of a theme in itself, but developing the idea further, the model who volunteered for the project - Nelly Iskhakova (one of my favorites!) - happened to have a Japanese-looking top, so it was decided to compliment it with geisha-inspired makeup with a modern twist to it. The images below are what we came up with! 


We purchased a handheld fan at the gift store upon arrival at Morikami Park, and when the model put it up to shield her eyes against the sun, I was mesmerized with the shadow pattern that it cast on her face. After a few minor adjustments to ensure the shadow covered her entire face, this final photo was taken. Used natural light and a neutral density filter to allow for a wider aperture.