A Goddess Photoshoot lets you see things about yourself you’ve never been shown. 

Designed not just as a photoshoot, but a chance for personal transformation; one that lets you start admiring yourself again. 

Many women look at themselves and only see “the work that remains” - the things you want to change or wish were already different.  A goddess photoshoot is my way of holding up a new mirror so you can both see and awaken the vast resources and divinity already inside.


How does it work?


1. We Get Acquainted

Before the shoot, we will chat and I’ll get to know you a bit.  (This can happen either in person or over the phone.)  With a few open-ended questions, we explore your talents, gifts, and interests. 

As we talk, I’ll make recommendations for the location and styling of the shoot.  Every woman is different: some will be attracted to flowing dresses in fields, others may want to wear knee-high socks at their favorite library.  Your location and wardrobe will be exactly what makes you feel comfortable, interested, and excited.


2. Goddess Reading (optional, for the curious)

As a part preparing for your shoot, you have the option to do an intuitive card reading that reveals which goddess you identify with.  You need not incorporate goddesses into your personal spirituality to enjoy this element, it simply provides another reflection for you to see your strengths.  It may influence the wardrobe, location, or color choices you make for your shoot.  Many clients tell me they were surprised at how closely this reading described them, so it is included for the curious.  It’s entirely up to you. 



3. Goddess Photoshoot

On the day of the shoot, we will meet for two hours in a location you love.  You’ll find that any initial nervousness melts away as we chat and enjoy the grass, the sun, whatever setting we are in. 

The photoshoot feels like a sort of dance between us.  I offer gentle direction so you feel confident in posing, and you’ll feel yourself fully relax and breathe, maybe for the first time in awhile.  You’ll have a sensation of your own power and strength as you grow more confident in front of the camera (and maybe even forget it is there).  The shoot is a chance to be spontaneous and playful, but with enough help from me that you never feel lost as we create your images.


4. Receive Your Images

About one week later, I will deliver a beautiful box of the ten best printed images from your shoot.  (You will also receive a minimum of 20 digital images to enjoy and share on social media.)  I bring them in person, because seeing your face when you lay your eyes on the printed photographs of your divine, beautiful self is not something I would miss for the world.  Whether you keep them in their treasured box or hang them on the wall, they will remind you of your divinity, and make you feel beautiful and confident, assertive and powerful. 

These prints are included with every goddess photoshoot, as there is undeniable strength gained from actually holding these images in your hand, tangible reminders of what you felt during and after the shoot.


The cost for this experience is an all-inclusive $379, which includes the preparation, the complimentary reading, the photoshoot, the prints, and digital images. 

Clients tell me that the Goddess Photoshoot changes their entire lives.

When you see yourself in your final printed images - bright, beautiful, standing firm in your strength - your power cannot be denied.  When we feel strong, there’s much we can accomplish.  These emotions spill into every part of your life.  Someone who is aware that they’re a goddess can’t hide in the corner - they can go do or create whatever they want.

What would that change for you?

I recommend Francesca Bliss because she is amazing at capturing the essence of a woman, the soul of who you are and the power you represent in a way no other photographer can. Before hiring her, or any photographer for that matter, my biggest fear was that I would not look good in the pictures. In the final photos I looked amazing and I appreciated myself more when I saw how beautiful I looked and how it made me feel special about myself. My favorite part of the photo shoot was being on site where I loved the scenery and was able to wear what I wanted and to be free, to be who I am. Francesca Bliss captures the magic in people and there’s no other art like that.
— Jennifer Nicole

Meet four women who did the Goddess Photoshoot:


This young seeker of enlightenment simply wanted to have beautiful photos of herself. Curious and open minded, she did a goddess reading and worked with a stylist to create two looks for her - a modern and bold outfit photographed in a vintage bookstore and a feminine flowy outfit photographed near a lake. She was shocked by how many amazing images she received after the photoshoot, and how much fun the entire process was. 


A mother and daughter with a very strong bond chose to create images together in order to preserve this memory for the future. Their Mother and Daughter Goddess Photoshoot took place in nature, to which they are both drawn and where they feel they get their energy replenished. After the photoshoot they felt acknowledged and beautiful and the powerful portraits we created, which they found to be very moving, will become even more valuable to them with the passing of time.


Stepping into a new phase of her life, wanting to be more confident and to feel beautiful, this young woman's idea was to create photos with a fantasy and mystical air to them. When she opened the box with her printed photos, she was amazed at how beautiful the photos came out. She says that she fell in love with the woman in the photos and that the experience shifted her - for the first time in her life she could really see the strength and beauty she exuded.  

The results can look like this - though yours will be entirely your own:


You may have some thoughts or questions, like:

Do I have to be a ‘spiritual’ person to do this?

No, the goddess photoshoot is open to everyone.  A wide spectrum of women choose this experience because it is about recognizing and celebrating your power.

I use the word ‘goddess’ because I believe every woman has something divine, powerful, and strong inside of her that deserves acknowledgment and awakening.  Though we might all have our own language to describe that, that kernel of truth is still there.  Chances are, if you’re drawn to this experience, it’s for a reason.  You don’t have to do the goddess reading, it’s simply there as an option to guide themes and ideas.  You won’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with since that would go against the purpose of the shoot.  We tailor it all to you. 

What does ‘being a goddess’ feel like?

Being a goddess simply means standing strong in your own power.  When you are in touch with the power inside of you, you can see it coming out in many ways:

You are confident in your own beauty and see beauty in others. 

Creativity flows through you, and you want to inspire others. 

You care for your spirit and your body both, as they are tied to each other.

You respect your own boundaries and expect others to respect them too. 

You devote time to self care because you understand the importance of nourishing yourself before you can nourish others - your family, friends, clients, community.

Fully realizing these strengths is a work in progress for all, but the more inwardly connected you become the more brightly these elements shine.  The photo experience is for anyone who wishes to bring out what lies within them, and never forget it. 

Why did you create this experience?

So much of the world causes us to doubt our own strength and power to choose.  As a child I remember feeling I didn’t have any natural talents because I could not play a musical instrument (how I wished my parents had signed me up for lessons!) This limiting belief impacted my life until I finally decided to take ownership of my desires.  I signed up for a photography class at a local art school, and my life transformed.  I realized we have the power to do whatever we want to.  To me, this is part of our goddess power!  I pass that empowerment on to others through my photography.


I like this idea, but I need to wait until (I lose weight/I change my hair/Insert way you’d like your physical appearance to change).

Sometimes, we treat photographs as though they’re some kind of fixed declaration about who we are, and this puts pressure on us to wait until we reach some ‘peak’ before we feel ready to have any taken. 

But photos aren’t permanent judgments, they’re a part of the river of your life experiences.  Where you are now is exactly where you should be.  And the photoshoot is designed to impact where you are going.  When you see your beauty through the eyes of an intuitive professional, you become more confident, more patient with yourself, more inspired by your own gifts.  That experience is worth having right now, as it will alter where you go from here. 

If you feel drawn to this, there is a reason.  Please contact me!


“This is my fourth photo shoot with Francesca Bliss. "Does that sound incredibly vain?" I wonder. And yet, although each photo shoot has been fueled by intense curiosity and anticipation, I don't feel that self portraits are necessarily 'all about you'.

In fact, the entire exercise of placing yourself in front of the camera's eye can be uncomfortable at best, excruciatingly awkward at worst. Any timid souls out there? Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone!

Now that you've been properly warned, you could not find a better eye behind the camera lens, or a better modeling coach than Francesca Bliss to bring out the Goddess in you.

What I have learned from each of our four sessions is that the photo shoot is always a little different depending on the location, depending on the chosen theme, depending on my mood, and probably the alignment of the planets.

All of our sessions were conducted outdoors either at sunrise or sunset. Each time, I have felt so privileged to sense an almost magical communion with my surroundings whether Francesca chooses to place me close to the roots of a century old banyan or tossed by wavelets in the Atlantic ocean.

Every session reminds me about how little I know about modeling! With Francesca you cannot pose for a picture. You must project, make noise. Take leaps of faith. Dance, laugh, maybe even cry a bit.

And then, there are the photos themselves which tell their own stories. Whether you choose to keep a photo portfolio as a remembrance of a certain moment in your life or your portfolio becomes an essential part of your career path, you will not regret having allowed yourself an experience that brings you very close to the heart of our intrinsic connection with Mother Earth.”

~ Christina, after her Fire Goddess Photoshoot

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