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In today’s world, where online introductions precede in-person impressions, making an effective visual statement with personal branding is becoming essential for every entrepreneur. By means of personal branding photography you can give your clients a sense of what it is like to work with you: by showing them not only your professional side - where and how you work and how you interact with clients - but also how you like to spend your free time, whether you are a dog lover or a cat person, if you have kids and what special quirks you might have. We choose to work with people we like and people we like are typically similar to us, according to psychologists. By showing your audience the various facets of your personality, you are giving them a chance to create connections with you, to relate to you and get to like you.

Many entrepreneurs dread creating content for social media and are not sure of what to post - I have been there myself, trust me! Imagine having two months’ worth of visuals ready for your social media. A personal branding photoshoot with me will provide you not only with headshots and beautiful photos for your website, newsletter and other marketing materials, but also with tons of content for your social media. We will focus on three distinct visual stories that will have a glossy magazine look to them and will help you drive engagement of your social media followers.

Clients choose me because their services are infused with their personality and energy, and their images need to bring that across. Whether you work in art, yoga, or non-traditional healing, I work with you to make sure your images project the full personality, talents, and suit the service you offer. 


Meet Three Clients:


"As a spiritual educator, astrologer and yogi, It was important for me to create images that showed my connection to nature, my intuitive powers and the light that many people say I radiate. Working with Francesca was an absolute JOY! She managed to capture my essence, even though I was feeling rather camera shy. Her creative and playful ways allowed me to smile with ease and enjoy the process. Now that I have several strong images that accurately portray who I am, it is easier for me to connect with my audience, many of whom get a first impression of me online, before making a decision to hire me."


I am a yogi and my specialty is gentle yoga. For my website and to promote my services on social media, I wanted to have photos that really showed who I am. During the two-hour shoot with Francesca she created some amazing photos that really describe me as a person - gentle, connected to nature, perhaps, a little childish or adventurous to climb a tree, and happy - and a few shots of me working with a client. The whole photoshoot was like a meditation in the nature and hanging out with a good friend at once. Since I had those photos done, people who meet me in person after first following me on social media, tell me I am exactly the person they saw in the photos. 


I am an Acupuncture Physician and since Acupuncture is still new to many people, the goal of the photos for my website was to help familiarize future patients with the various modalities of Oriental Medicine. Working with Francesca was easy and surprisingly fun. She communicated clearly at every step of the process and helped me feel comfortable. The thought she puts into each shot is palpable--and the results are evident in the final photos. I also got to see my work and myself from a refreshingly new perspective. The edits were delivered ahead of schedule, so I could launch my website more quickly than expected and with personalized photos of which I am proud, instead of standard stock photos. 

How It Works:


1. Have a conversation.

Over the phone or in person, we uncover the message you want to communicate with your brand.  We talk about your work, what sets you apart, and what clients need to see. We will choose three visual stories, each with a distinct location, wardrobe and look, on which we will focus our creative efforts. We also settle the date and time of your shoot.


2. Enjoy your photoshoot. 

It’s a myth that having your picture taken has to feel stressful. We will chat and laugh together, and after just a few minutes any initial camera shyness will dissipate. Pretty soon you’ll be past thinking about the camera and want to just talk, or come up with your own ideas for what you want to show. I’ll guide you through some basic posing without overdirecting you. The results will be natural images that reflect you. Your images will give your clients an opportunity to see the various facets of your personality and get to know you not only in terms of the work you do, but also in terms of what you are like as a person, how you like to spend your free time, and, most importantly, get a feel for what it’s like to work with you.



3. Receive your images.

Approximately one business week after your shoot, you’ll receive an instant download link for your digital files.  They will be perfectly sized for the web sharing or printing needs we discussed, preserving flexibility for future use.




A single fee covers our initial consult, your photoshoot, my travel to and from the location, and professional editing and delivery of your images within 5 business days. You will receive a commercial license for the use of your images.

1 location/up to 2 outfits (20 final images) = $349

2 locations/up to 4 outfits (50 final images) = $749

3 visual stories/3 locations/up to 6 outfits (100 final images) = $999

Your images will represent you perfectly, the way these do: 

And yes, this really will impact your business!


Not an entrepreneur, but interested in portraits for some other reason?  You can see a gallery of my portrait work here.

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