Fine Art Nude Photography 

Artistic nudes, or fine art nude photography, is a type of photography that focuses on the beauty of the human form, on composition and emotion of the final images. For many people who are comfortable in their skin and embrace nudity as their birth right, this type of photoshoot can be yet another affirmation of their beliefs. For those who are learning to love and accept themselves, this type of photoshoot can help shed years of conditioning, shame and guilt associated with nudity and can be a liberating and transformational experience. And in addition to emotional benefits, as a result of this photoshoot you will have tasteful artwork with you as the main model and co-created by you! 

How it works:


1. Have a conversation.

Over the phone or in person, we talk about your reasons for doing the photoshoot, what kind of setting will work best for you (studio, or in the nature), overall mood of the photos, props, and decide on the date of the shoot. 


2. Enjoy your photoshoot. 

On the date of the shoot we meet at the designated location and photograph for about an hour or two, flowing from pose to pose and changing props if there are any. I will offer suggestions in terms of posing, and we will explore your own ideas of how you wish to be photographed. 


3. Receive your images.

You will receive the best 10 prints from your photoshoot and 20 digital images within two weeks after your photoshoot. Having actual physical prints is something that will give this liberating experience even more power, whether you hang your framed prints in your home or keep them in a treasure box.

Here are some examples of artistic nudes that I have created:


A single fee covers our initial consult, your photoshoot, my travel to and from the location, and professional editing and delivery of your images. Within 5 business days of your session you will receive in-person delivery of 10 digital photos and 3 prints (the most beautiful images from your photoshoot matted and ready to be inserted into 11 by 14 frame). The total cost is $349


You may have questions ...

What happens to the digital images of my nude photos? Will they be shared anywhere?

The photos from your nude photoshoot are yours and only you decide who gets to see them. Unless you give me written permission to use them in my online portfolio or social media marketing or art exhibitions, I will not use the photos for such purposes. 

Where will we photograph?

You can choose to have your photoshoot indoors - in your home or a professional photography studio - or outdoors. I know of a few locations where your being nude will not be seen by others and thus not put you in danger of being exposed and in violation of indecent exposure laws. 

I am ok with some implied nudity - photos that don't show any clothing but don't reveal too much either. Will I be expected to be completely nude?

You can be as nude or as make-believe-nude as you wish. Some people prefer to cover their private parts, others don't mind being completely nude but don't want their faces to be in the photographs, and some people want to be painted with body paint so they don't feel so naked. You can do as much or as little as you comfortable with, and I will work with you to help choose props that can help disguise you or cover some strategic parts that you wish to keep unseen. 

How is artistic nude photoshoot different from a boudoir photoshoot? 

Boudoir photography is oftentimes done indoors and it is very popular among women in which she plays the role of a seductress wearing lingerie, or being completely nude, or partially covered. The type of artistic nudes that I create have a different feel to them, as you may see from the online portfolio above. The focus of my photos is directed inward, toward the subject's own awareness and perception of his or her own body, it is also about connection to nature, and liberation from years of conditioning and shame associated with nudity and our bodies. We will discuss the types of images you desire before we start photographing and will choose the location that is most suitable for that.  

I would like to bring my partner in for the photoshoot. Is it an option? 

Yes, absolutely! The only thing to keep in mind is that the photos we create will still remain in the realm of artistic, as opposed to erotic, photography. 

Why interest in nude photography?

My interest in artistic nude photography started two years ago. Please read the blog article I wrote about how it all started, and to see work of other great artists who focus their creative energies on artistic nude photography.

I am excited about the idea, but still feel unsure. What do I do?

Send me an email and let's start the conversation. There is no obligation to book the shoot, let's just talk about why you are drawn to this and what kind of images you would like to potentially create together.

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