I have been so fortunate to come in contact with many inspiring, strong, and supportive women who have helped me along the way and without whom I cannot imagine being who I am today. These women have introduced me to other great women who influenced them and those, too, had a positive impact on my life. I would like to introduce you to these modern-day goddesses of South Florida  who might be an inspiration to you as well. A lot of these women are now my friends and they have kindly agreed to give these interviews and share their stories and wisdom. (You can also look at it as a giant divine feminine networking opportunity!) These women are all from different walks of life - teachers, artists, mothers, entrepreneurs, healers. poets. One such woman, Deborah Schmitt, who wrote the beautiful poem you see here, I met at a Moon Circle, which was organized by another radiant woman, whom you will be able to meet in these interviews as well. Please enjoy reading them, as I add them every couple of weeks, and nominate a goddess if there is an inspiring woman in your life whom you want to introduce to the world. 


Goddess Interviews