fun couple shoot

Always experimenting and pushing outside of your comfort zone is a great way to stay inspired and to grow as an artist. I was fortunate enough to come across a couple who was willing to be experimented upon and trusted me in choice of poses for them. While doing my research in preparation for their session, I came across photos of Adam Levine and his Russian supermodel girlfriend Anna Vyalitsina for a recent issue of Vogue.  Kerem and Elia, my models, recreated two of the poses, the side by side comparison of which is presented here. I know, I know, my angles are wrong, and I didn't edit the cropped backdrop, and my models are not ten feet tall, but, nevertheless, it was so much, and next time I will do better. We must try and fail many times before we perfection is born, and I will not relent :) 

My angle is not as low as in the Vogue photo, (don't even get me started about my backdrop), and the pose might not be exactly like the celebrity couple's, but it's close enough and it was so much fun to create! 

And this is my favorite shot of Elia from our session: