What emotions will these images evoke five years from now? [Mother and Daughter Goddess Photoshoot report]

Wendy and Tasia, Mother and Daughter. When I first met Tasia she struck me by being very mature and I naturally assumed she was grown up, yet she was barely in her twenties. They both have the same dimple on the chin and the same hands. They are both kind and gentle, and are both Goddesses. 

The mother, Wendy, is a luminary and a spiritual midwife. Learn more about what she does here.  

The daughter, Tasia, is an aesthetician and aspiring actress.

I bet when they first saw these photos, they said things such as,

"Oh, how pretty!"

"Wow, I look amazing!" 

"That color looks good on you, darling, you should wear it more often."

"Remember how awkward it was when she made us dance without music, but I actually like this shot". 

But let's fast forward to ten, five, or even one year from now.... What will come up when they see themselves in these photos?

My favorite portrait of them is the one below. There is so much of each other in each one of them! Even the way they hold their hands is the same. I usually ask people to soften their hands and make ballerina hands, but in this case I did not. This is how they naturally held their hands and I decided not to interfere...


"What is your secret to having this strong bond?" I ask Wendy and Tasia as we stand amidst trees, dragonflies buzzing all around us.

"Respect," the mother, Wendy, says without hesitation. "Letting her make her own mistakes and learn from them, recognizing that she is an old soul in a new body." For me, a mother of two little girls, this was not just a question to make conversation, I truly wanted to know how they did it. 

You can see the other images from our mother and daughter photo session in this short video: