how accurately do goddess readings portray you? 5 ways this girl convinced me they are dead-on!

First of all, what is a goddess reading? Goddess reading is an intuitive reading usually done over the phone, during which the woman who is having the reading done, finds out the energy of which goddess she embodies. For the curios, a goddess reading is used as a tool to set the direction for the Goddess Photoshoot, for deeply spiritual people it is a way to connect more deeply to the Divine Feminine. Some women use it just as a way to choose the outfits, props and location for the photoshoot based on the goddess mythology. Others go as far as setting up altars to the Goddess and learning mantras and affirmations associated with their particular Goddess.

My personal encounter with the different goddesses happened through Goddess Photoshoots that I did, and I have learned about Diana, Aphrodite, Isis, The Changing Woman, Oonagh, Yemaya, Quan Yin, and others. When I met this girl named Celeste, she was feminine, but at the same time very different from all the other women. When she had her goddess reading done by Kimberly Moore of, Celeste found out that her goddess was Kali.

"Born from the brow of Parvati, Kali killed the demonic forces that were threatening the world. She danced with the Lord of the Dance, Shiva, and it is said the dance grew wilder and wilder, and as the dance continues, it will one day shake the world to pieces. She killed other demons during another battle, and it is said that after they were dead, Kali was exhilarated, laughing and roaring, drinking their blood, dancing in frenzy, hence Her dance of death and destruction.


She is seen as a Dark Goddess, as She dances the dance of death and destruction, but She is also keeper of time and will be there when new things emerge from Her destruction. When you see Her, there is no mistaking Her. She wears a necklace of skulls around Her neck, She holds weapons in Her numerous hands. Her tongue protrudes from Her mouth. She can be terrifying to behold and to work with. Do not ask from Her which you are incapable of receiving as She is fierce in her love for Her daughters." 

[Above is an excerpt from]

So this goddess is not your usual soft and delicate type of lady. This goddess is kind of wild! Since when I first met Celeste, I did not know her well, I really got a first really good glimpse of her when we met for our photoshoot. 


The first thing that I see before Celeste even gets out of the car when she pulls into the parking lot of Lake Ida Park is the bumper sticker that reads "Namaste, bitches.". How much more Kali can it get? 

Once we start heading to the trees where we will photograph, I ask Celeste to do a simple pose for me, so I can just snap a quick portrait. And as she puts her hand on her waist, I see a small batch of underarm hair. As I think to myself, that she probably will not want me to photoshop it out, as if she read my mind, she says, "I was going to color my underarm hair purple, so that is why I have been growing it out." Seriously, how bold is that?


Another thing that was "so Kali" about Celeste was that she had dreadlocks! 


Once Celeste changes into a different outfit, a scarf that now becomes her top bares of one of her tattoos, and the tattoo is of a skull!  


And the last thing was that Celeste had a raspy voice. Whenever I recover from a cold and once my scratchy throat gets better, I always love that slight hoarse sounding vibration that my voice gets. Celeste just has that sexy voice all the time.

You can accuse me of finding meaning where none exists, but I thought those little details about Celeste were so distinctive and so different from your typical vision of what a feminine goddess "should be", that I felt compelled to share these details here. 

Every woman is distinctive, and even if two women do a goddess reading and it reveals the same goddess, the way that energy manifests in each one of them will be different, with some features more strongly highlighted than others. 

Want to reveal YOUR goddess? Contact Kimberly and schedule your goddess reading today. You might learn something new about yourself or might start perceiving yourself a little differently ;)