Eliza's goddess photoshoot

Eliza is an aspiring ballet dancer, yogi, a student of alternative medicine and she exudes peace and calmness with the way she talks and the way she moves. When she contacted me about doing a Goddess Photoshoot, I asked my talented stylist/makeup artist friend Sasha Belova to jump on board with us along with her sister Nastya Mosh, who created a video of our photoshoot. 


"I can't believe it is me in these photos," she says softly, as she is holding the final prints in her hands, a large black box in her lap, when we meet in Starbucks five days after her photoshoot. 

"I rarely wear my hair down, but I will do it more often after this. And I don't usually wear rompers, and this one looks gorgeous." 

A Goddess Photoshoot is more than just a portrait photography session.

It is an opportunity to observe yourself from the side, to see yourself in a different light. It is a chance to play and experiment and step into a role that is slightly outside of your usual comfort zone, a chance to try on something a little bolder, more dramatic. It is an opportunity to connect to and claim that power that is already within you, to allow yourself to be free, to be you, and to be beautiful. 

Eliza's transformation was truly remarkable. I did not catch a "before" photo of Eliza's photo session, but you can certainly see what she looked "after" - with the makeup and outfits and being truly connected to her divine power.