personal branding photography for a real estate broker

Claire Collins has dedicated her entire life to the real estate industry - she is a real estate broker and also offers white glove concierge services to her clients when it comes to managing estates and condominiums. Claire contacted me to because she needed to update her headshots. After a telephone consultation with me she understood the importance of showing her current and potential clients a little more than just a business headshot of herself. In order to connect with her audience and show them a little more of what she is about as a person, Claire decided to do a personal branding photoshoot, which would include lifestyle portraits of her, photos of her working, as well as photos that are closer to traditional headshots.

The colors of Claire’s brand are white, black and red and she chose her outfits accordingly. The adjectives that Claire associates with her brand are high-end, classy, personalized, sophisticated, and we wanted her images to communicate that, while at the same time making sure she looked approachable and friendly in photos. Claire loves hats so we incorporated one into her shoot, to show off her playful side and her sense of style, as well as a pair of white gloves, to literally portray white glove service she offers her clients.

Claire is based in Boca Raton so we chose to photograph in the Boca Raton’s Royal Palm Plaza. In addition to a few photos outdoors in the courtyards of the plaza, we photographed in the exquisite French cafe because having lived and worked in Monte Carlo Claire speaks French fluently and because she naturally visits that place quite often.

These are our most favorite images that Claire and I created. The photos have an editorial feel for them, meaning they could be published in a magazine to accompany a story, and many of them are lifestyle portraits. When choosing the best final images, Claire would say, “I love this photo because it truly shows how I see myself, it really reflects who I am”.

In addition to this woman’s business talents and utmost customer service she provides to her clients, she is also a mom to three grown up children and a bunch of furry children - several old dogs and fluffy cats. We decided to create a story of THAT side of Claire on another occasion - at a different location, more casual outfits and hoping that the “furry models” will co-operate and do just what is expected of them. Many of Claire’s clients might also have pets and, therefore, might relate to that side of her and that is why we thought it would be important to create a visual story about that.

Another thing that is in the works for Claire and I is a video for her website and social media and we are planning on accomplishing that as soon as I bounce from the birth of my third baby, which will give Claire the time to prepare the outfits and script for her video.

For more information about Claire’s company, please visit her website and follow Claire on Instagram: - she has amazing tips for homeowners on how to remodel, organize, prepare for vacations, and lots of other useful tips.

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You are so much more than just your business. Research shows that we choose to do business with those people we see as similar to ourselves and those we like. Give your audience a chance to get to know you and thus better relate to you and LIKE YOU! Show them the many facets of your personality - what do you like to do in your free time, what is your family life like, how you contribute to your community - through visual story-telling of personal branding photography. Together we will select which stories to choose for your personal branding shoot, I will guide you through picking outfits (or we can employ help of a professional stylist who can help revamp your wardrobe and take your branding and confidence to a whole new level!) and together we will come up with the best locations for your photos. Then, after a few hours of photographing, you will have two, or even three, months’ worth of visual content for your social media platforms and for your website and online marketing. Contact me today for a no-obligation free consultation about what photos will be most beneficial for your business, or browse my personal branding photography gallery. I look forward to helping you elevate your business!