personal branding for a goddess

“Do you want to end this year with a bang?” I ask Lina having December 31 at 4 pm in mind as a date and time for her personal branding photoshoot. “Sure”, she says, and I have a feeling it will be a memorable one.

We meet at the South Inlet Park in Boca Raton, where I know we will have trees and vegetation as well as the ocean and huge rocks as beautiful backdrops for her photos. (What I do not know is that we will get carried away and will “play” in the woods until it gets dark…. I get carried away every time!)

Lina is a tantra healer and she needed photos for her new website and social media. Our personal branding for this spiritual entrepreneur focused on only one story including several different outfits. Her entire photoshoot experience is summarized in the video below.

And here are a few of my most favorite photos from Lina’s session:

To get to know this goddess and her business, please visit her website

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